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We need your financial assistance to

Save Arthurs Seat

The Ross Trust – with assets of more than $60 million - has an army of lawyers, consultants and spin doctors working to get this project approved.

They have taken out full-page newspaper ads and bombarded letterboxes with flyers.

In addition, the overwhelming majority of projects gain approval because the Environmental Effects Statement process is designed to get projects over the line.


As a small community group, we are up against powerful forces. But we know we can win this if we harness people power.

Your donation will go towards:

  • Awareness raising through advertising, marketing and publications

  • Environmental reports and other expertise

  • Legal advice

The Save Arthurs Seat campaign will provide regular updates on funds raised, how they have been allocated and their impact.

Donations can be made through Credit / Debit Card or Paypal, or by Direct Deposit.

Deposit direct to:

Peninsula Preservation Group Inc

BSB 633 000

Account 170 095 269

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