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Sanctuary plan for quarry site

20 December 2021

MP News I THE founding CEO and former chair of Parks Victoria has developed a proposal he calls a “win for the environment and for the Ross Trust”.

Fierce community campaign to stop quarry build comes out on top

16 December 2021

Pro Bono Australia I A VICTORIAN charitable trust that funds its community work via mining profits has ditched a plan to open a new quarry, following years of mounting community backlash. 

Scrapped quarry plans on Channel 7 News

15 December 2021

Channel 7 News I CONTROVERSIAL plans for a new quarry on Arthurs Seat have been scrapped.

'People-power' ends quarry bid

13 December 2021

MP News I SAVE Arthurs Seat supporters are cheering a decision by The Ross Trust to abandon its bid to dig a quarry on the Pioneer site at Dromana.

3AW Darren James interviews Mark Fancett

11 December 2021

3AW I SAVE Arthurs Seat President Mark Fancett discusses the "massive win for people power" with Darren James

The Hon Greg Hunt MP releases statement about Ross Trust quarry withdrawal

10 December 2021

MEDIA RELEASE I “THIS is an enormous win for the Mornington Peninsula in protecting our Green Wedge and I thank the Peninsula Preservation Group and every member of our community who stepped forward to oppose this proposal.” 

Chris Brayne MP "ecstatic" in telling community that Arthurs Seat quarry will not proceed

10 December 2021

NEPEAN COMMUNITY UPDATE I “TODAY, the RE Ross Trust have listened to the community."

Council bans anti-quarry signs

7 December 2021

MP News I SAVE Arthurs Seat protesters have been told to remove signs they have erected on roads near the Hillview quarry site.

3AW Darren James with Stephen Curry and Liz Clancy

14 November 2021

3AW I SAVE Arthurs Seat supporter, actor and comedian Stephen Curry and his friend Liz Clancy chat with Darren James on 3AW Radio.

A quarry now could mean ongoing health effects in years to come

11 November 2021

The Age I THE PANDEMIC has taught us that there are some health risks you cannot necessarily see, feel or taste. But unlike COVID-19, not all these risks have an immediate impact.

A Current Affair reports on concerns over the new Ross Trust quarry

4 November 2021

A Current Affair Channel 9 I LOCALS of Melbourne's Mornington Peninsula are up in arms over a philanthropic trusts plan to double their mining operations just 800 metres from a primary school, and their questionable methods of doing so.

Doctors express concerns over proposed Ross Trust quarry

2 November 2021

RPPV News I Doctors are calling on the Ross Trust to abandon its plan for a new quarry on Arthurs Seat.

Doctors' health warning in an open letter

25 October 2021

The Age I 122 medical specialists have signed an open letter outlining health concerns over the proposed Ross Trust quarry.

Quarry health concerns on Channel 10 News

25 October 2021

Channel 10 News I DR BANNISTER, Paediatric Allergist, local parents and lawyers raise health concerns over the proposed Ross Trust quarry.

Health concerns over silica dust from proposed Mornington Peninsula quarry

25 October 2021

The Age I MORE than 120 doctors and health workers are calling on a prominent philanthropic charity to halt its plans for a large quarry in bushland on the Mornington Peninsula, citing concerns over the health effects of silica dust on nearby primary school students and communities.

Doctors warn of quarry health threat

25 October 2021

MP News I DOCTORS have written to the Premier Daniel Andrews and senior ministers warning about the health risks of opening another quarry at Dromana.

Open Letter to the Ross Trust

The Age

Wilderness Society grant 'hypocritical'

31 August 2021

The Australian I THE Wilderness Society took an almost $200,000 grant from a philanthropic organisation that derives its income from the operation of a quarry...

Drawing conclusions over quarry for 50 years

18 August 2021

MP News I ARTIST Sharyn Madder turned back the clock recently to recall an anxious moment more than 50 years ago...

Protecting Melbourne's green wedges - while we still can

12 July 2021

MP News I THE natural areas of Melbourne are under threat at the same time as there’s growing evidence of their importance for humans.

Holding Ground for Arthurs Seat

19 April 2021

MP News I WORKS by 76 contemporary artists come together in Holding Ground, an online art exhibition and fundraiser being held to stop the proposed expansion of a contentious granite quarry at Arthurs Seat.

‘Greenwashing’ funds turned down

16 April 2021

The Guardian I ACADEMIC website the Conversation says it has no plans to renew its relationship with the Ross Trust...

Save Arthurs Seat supporters on Channel 9 News

8 April 2021

Channel 9 News I SAVE Arthurs Seat members and supporters deliver petition of over 57,000 signatures to the office of the Ross Trust.


Stepping up the fight

8 April 2021

Channel 7 News I "SAVE Arthurs Seat, you can't buy trust..."

Artists Holding Ground to Save Arthurs Seat

1 April 2021

Peninsula Essence I DURING a recent bushwalk on Arthurs Seat, artist Hannah Lewis felt a rising tide of despair.

Allies unite to sign up against quarry

22 March, 2021

MP News I AN ALLIANCE of environmental, business and philanthropic groups has been formed to stop the Ross Trust opening a new quarry on Arthurs Seat.

Passionate supporter Liz on Triple R radio

19 March, 2021

​Triple R I SAVE Arthurs Seat supporter, Liz, sums it up pretty well on Triple R radio program "On the Blower" presented by Tony Biggs. Listen here.

Local resident tells 3AW listeners that scar is definitely visible

19 March, 2021

​3AW I LOCAL resident, Andrew, challenges the Ross Trust claim that the quarry will not be visible.

‘Breathtaking hypocrisy’: Backlash over Arthurs Seat quarry plan

18 March, 2021

The Age I A PROMINENT Victorian philanthropic organisation is facing a strong backlash over its plans to expand a disused quarry adjacent to Arthurs Seat State Park...

‘It is breathtaking hypocrisy’: Charity faces severe backlash over quarry plan

18 March, 2021

Pro Bono Australia I MORE than 75 organisations and individuals have signed an open letter calling on the Ross Trust to withdraw plans to open a new quarry at Arthurs Seat.

3AW Interviews PPG's Dr Mark Fancett

18 March, 2021

DR MARK FANCETT speaks with Neil Mitchell on 3AW who says,"what could be an all out environmental war is about to erupt on the Mornington Peninsula. Listen to the full interview.

Chorus of young voices add to quarry opposition

18 January, 2021

MP News I CHILDREN are speaking out about a new quarry that the Ross Trust plans to carve out of Arthurs Seat not far from schools and kindergartens.

3AW Interview

16 January, 2021

STEPHEN CURRY is interviewed by Darren James on 3AW about the "fight we have to win."

Mine fight at Arthurs Seat

23 December 2020


Channel Seven News I AUSTRALIAN actor Stephen Curry voices campaign video

3AW News Bulletin

23 December 2020

DR MARK FANCETT, PPG (Save Arthurs Seat) President, on 3AW midday news

Signing up against quarry

19 October, 2020

MP News I CONSERVATION groups are stepping up their campaign against a proposed quarry right next to Arthur’s Seat State Park.

Alarm at quarry plan for Arthurs Seat bushland

5 October, 2020

The Age I MORNINGTON Peninsula residents have sounded the alarm over plans for a large quarry in Arthurs Seat bushland they fear could destroy valuable wildlife habitat....

State urged to buy quarry

16 March, 2020

MP News I OPPONENTS of Hillview Quarries' plan to open a new quarry on the Arthurs Seat escarpment at Dromana want the state government to buy the land and make it part of the state park.

Hillview a "no-show" at public forum

29 May, 2019


Hillview Quarries CEO retracted on his presenting at a public forum in Dromana to discuss their latest Arthurs Seat Quarry proposal. The public were given 3 minutes to present their views. Here is the extract by PPG Inc (Save Arthus Seat) President, Dr Mark Fancett. It makes for a good read. Share it liberally.

One million species at risk of extinction

May, 2019

ABC News I ONE million of the world's species are now under threat of extinction, according to the biggest-ever review of the state of nature on Earth.

Greg Hunt MP strongly opposes quarry..

21 Jan, 2019

Greg Hunt MP, Minister for Flinders, strongly opposes the proposed quarry. Read his correspondence to Hon Lily D'AmbrosioRichard Wynne MP and the RE Ross Trust.

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