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Downwind of the proposed quarry

800 m

from Red Hill Consolidated School.

800 m

from an early learning centre

1.9 km 

from Dromana Secondary College and Peninsula Specialist College

1.8 km

from Red Hill Preschool

850 m

from Digger's Seeds - producer of Australia's best range of heirloom seeds

250 m

from the nearest resident

5 m

from established Red Hill mountainbiking tracks

and very close to a sizeable number of popular tourist businesses, as detailed here.

Arthurs Seat State Park

Entrance to Arthurs Seat State Park next to the proposed quarry site

Quarries are significant polluters


Regardless of technology and "best practice" operations, quarries emit airborne hazardous substances which are dangerous to the health of nearby residents and workers. Silica dust is particularly harmful, potentially causing lung cancer, silicosis and other chronic diseases. Risk increases with prolonged exposure. People with underlying respiratory conditions, such as asthma, and children are particularly vulnerable to any dust exposure.


The stakeholders cannot ignore​ the potential health risks this quarry would pose to our community, including our children and our visitors. The only way to safeguard the health of this community against quarry pollutants is to not mine at all.

Open Letter Health Concerns

122 doctors have signed an open letter to stop the proposed quarry because of health risks related to silica dust and fine particles.

The doctors, which include respiratory and allergy specialists and paediatricians, write:

"Mr Kirkwood and The Ross Trust Trustees, we urge you to reconsider your plans now. Premier Andrews and Ministers Merlino, Pallas, Wynne, Foley, Stitt and Allan, please help to stop this proposed quarry from going ahead. Our children and grandchildren, and the wider community, deserve certainty that the air they breathe is safe."

Traffic, noise,


The amenity of an area has important social and psychological implications - it impacts on the "pleasantness" and liveability of a place, including appearance, character, noise, traffic, vibrations, unsightliness, dust and pollution. When fully operational, there is potential for up to 20 trucks hourly travelling to and from the quarry. The crusher could operate during all daylight hours 6 days a week.

The Ross Trust is forcing this community to diminish our standard of living, and to transform our natural bushland setting into a noxious industrial site. It will degrade our area socially, culturally and economically. And why? For a quarry not needed by the State, or indeed, by the Ross Trust itself.


Arthurs Seat State Park: it should remain for all to enjoy

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