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Artist Rosie Weiss on why she features in HOLDING GROUND to Save Arthurs Seat

Rosie Weiss, featured artist in HOLDING GROUND, very eloquently explains her motivation for participating in the online art exhibition hosted by Silver Leaf Art Box to raise funds for the Save Arthurs Seat (Wonga) campaign.

Rosie Weiss' artwork Greens Bush 2018 (pictured) is one of over 70 impressive works by contemporary artists now available for viewing through Silver Leaf Art Box until 14 May.

"This work is an expression of (the interrelationship of all things) is looking at small fragments of the environment and how important they are for the connectedness for the whole thing to thrive."

She goes on to reflect on the proposed quarry site:

"It is a remarkably diverse and rich landscape...(part of) a corridor as far as Devil's Bend right across the Peninsula for plants and animals to thrive. (The quarry) would put a bulldozer right through the middle of it."

Ms Weiss urges politicians to step in:

"This kind of vandalism is not permissible in our new green is not what we stand for."

HOLDING GROUND is brought to you by Silver Leaf Art Box, Merricks General Wine Store and Montalto.


Viewing of artworks can be arranged by appointment.


Ph: +61 422 132 525

Save Arthurs Seat thanks Silver Leaf Art Box for this extraordinary exhibition, and thank you also to Merricks General Wine Store, Montalto, the artists and to the major supporters.


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