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We still have work to do

A message from PPG Treasurer Prof John Stanley

With the recent announcement by the Ross Trust/Hillview Quarries that they will "no longer seek to establish a fully operational quarry" (whatever that means) at the 115/121 Boundary Road quarry site, Peninsula Preservation Group has achieved the first of its aims in relation to the quarry: stopping it.

However, to ensure that no further such inappropriate proposals for the site emerge from the Trust or Hillview, which might diminish or destroy the rare environmental qualities of the site and threaten health, PPG’s second aim remains to be achieved: seeing the site permanently protected against inappropriate development. For example, Professor Jeff Floyd, immediate past Chair of Parks Victoria, has independently developed some great ideas about how the site might be protected by development as a wildlife sanctuary.

The enormous and widespread community opposition to the quarry has resulted in massive support for PPG, in terms of many people:

· donating their scarce time, pro bono, to support the fight, including some of the city’s most prominent law firms

· making financial contributions to support our campaign

· displaying signs opposing the quarry

· signing a petition or one of our open letters opposing the quarry and/or

· buying some of the fabulous exhibits that were on display at the brilliant Art Show, which was so capably run to support our cause (thank you Silver Leaf Art Box).

Our quarry fight has cost PPG a considerable sum over the last two years, with consultant fees, media placements and collateral (such as our very popular signs) being the major expenditure items. Fighting a company with deep pockets and deductible expenses does not come cheaply. Fortunately, our income over the two years has exceeded our costs, with the Art Show covering a substantial part of those outgoings. This means that most of the donations we continue to receive can be used to pursue the second of our aims, of getting the proposed quarry site permanently protected against inappropriate development.

Thanks to all the huge number of our incredible supporters – your efforts have been very successful thus far and will help us all enjoy a good festive season. Please continue to follow and support our campaign, which still has a long way to go.

Professor John Stanley

PPG Treasurer

19 December 2021.


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