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We have won the battle, not the war

The fight to Save Arthurs Seat is not over. On December 10 last year, our community campaign had a huge win when The Ross Trust announced it "will no longer seek to re-establish a fully operational quarry” at its Boundary Road site on Wonga/Arthurs Seat. While the Ross Trust criticised the community campaign which shed light on its disastrous plans, it has NOT said what it will seek to do with the old quarry site - or the precious old growth forest around it.

The Ross Trust instead said it would

“explore a rehabilitation option for the Boundary Road Quarry site as part of our ongoing EES [Environmental Effects Statement]…”

This means many other inappropriate uses of the land could still be on the table.

Wonga/Arthurs Seat may still be under threat. The way to ensure this bushland is truly protected in perpetuity is for it to be incorporated into the State Park.

Please continue to display the Save Arthurs Seat signs. Please keep the Quarry Off stickers on your cars. Please support businesses that sell Save Arthurs Seat merchandise. And please stay up to date with developments by following the Save Arthurs Seat campaign.

Our community has shown how powerful we can be when we join together and fight in an ethical manner for what’s right.

Let’s ensure that our precious natural bushland and our community’s health is protected.

Let’s see this through.

Dr Mark Fancett

President of Peninsula Preservation Group.


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