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Charities are distancing themselves from the Ross Trust

Some major environmental groups which have received funding from the Ross Trust have suspended their relationship with the Trust over its plans to fund its future grant activities through the construction of a new quarry on the iconic Mornington Peninsula.

These groups include the Australian Conservation Foundation, Environmental Justice Australia and the Places You Love Alliance.

Another group, the Knox Environment Society, has returned its full $40,000 grant in protest and donated $1000 to the community campaign opposing the new quarry.

The news comes as more than 75 individuals and organisations signed an Open Letter calling on the Ross Trust to abandon its plans for a new quarry on Arthurs Seat.

PPG (that's us) president Dr Mark Fancett says:

“The action taken by environment groups in rejecting future funding shows that the Ross Trust is becoming isolated and is sadly out of touch with community expectations about modern day philanthropy”.
“With more than $60 million in assets and investments – and a professed duty to conserve nature – the Trust should be considering a new investment strategy that would allow it to continue operating at the same time as preserving Arthurs Seat.

On March 18, 3AW’s Neil Mitchell told listeners:

"What could be an all-out environmental war is about to erupt on the Mornington Peninsula. And some of the biggest names in Victoria are in the middle of it. To my eye this could determine the future of one of the most beautiful spots in Victoria."


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