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Out of the mouth of babes

They say that out of the mouths of babes comes wisdom.

And a group of Mornington Peninsula kids sure spoke truth to power when they took crayon to paper to express their feelings about a massive new quarry that the Ross Trust plans to carve out of Arthurs Seat right near their schools and kindergartens.

“I wanted to write the letter because I don’t want a new quarry on the hill. I’m worried about the animals losing their home,”

said Freddy, whose mum Liz helped collect the letters and art which will be sent to the Trustees of The Ross Trust.

Liz said kids were asking lots of questions about why this is happening to such a beautiful place close to their school and where they can enjoy the outdoors.

“They are worried about the animals. They want to express their concern and hope that the people leading the Ross Trust will listen."

The Ross Trust, a philanthropic charity which owns Hillview Quarries, plans to build a massive granite quarry just 800m from Red Hill Consolidated School and Monterosso early learning centre in Red Hill, and about 1.5km from Dromana Secondary School and Peninsula Specialist College.

The quarry will be dug out of pristine bushland and will be equivalent in size to 21 MCGs.


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