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EES delayed

We’ve just had confirmation of what we’ve suspected for some time: the Ross Trust has pushed back the finalisation of the Environmental Effects Statement (EES) process until 2023 (which just happens to be after the next State election).

The Trust and Hillview Quarries might think this is a clever strategic move - that pushing a decision past the next election will keep the issue off the political agenda, that the Save Arthurs Seat campaign will run out of puff.

But we won't.

This campaign is strong and growing stronger every day: we have nearly 75,000 signatures on our petition; leading figures from the philanthropic, environmental and business communities are backing our cause; our “movie trailer” ad is running on cinema screens across Victoria; and politicians from all sides of politics are making it clear they have serious concerns about the new quarry.

The Ross Trust’s proposal to blow up the side of Arthurs Seat and to blast out rock for the next 70 years is hypocritical, unconscionable and outrageous. We won’t let them get away with it.

But we’ll need your help if we’re going to win this campaign. Please keep following the campaign and in the coming months we’ll update you further on how you can help us to Save Arthurs Seat.

Stay strong and stay safe!

The Save Arthurs Seat team


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