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Huge Thank You to Silver Leaf Art Box

A huge thank you to curator Penelope Gebhardt and gallerist Chiara Finnigan (pictured) of Silver Leaf Art Box for initiating the fabulous #HOLDINGGROUND exhibition!

It was after doing a walk on Arthurs Seat that these two women decided they had to do what they could to stop The Ross Trust going ahead with its plans for a massive quarry on nearby pristine bushland.

The result was an incredible online exhibition that has raised vital funds for our ongoing community campaign to #SaveArthursSeat

Thank you to the talented artists who took part, to HOLDING GROUND partners Montalto Vineyard and Merricks General Wine Store, to the many people around Australia who purchased art, made a donation or signed our petition, or supported the show behind the scenes.

Thank you to Elizabeth Clancy Photography for your fine work behind the camera including this photo of Penelope and Chiara.

Thank you also to @luuidesign, @southernbuoy, @endotaspa , @kayandburton & @progresssigns for your generous support.

Stay tuned, we’ll release more info about the outcomes of HOLDING GROUND in coming weeks.



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