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Associate Professor Janet Stanley, University of Melbourne and Professor John Stanley, University of Sydney have published a research paper arguing for biodiversity values to be given primacy in Green Wedge policy and planning.

The proposed Arthurs Seat quarry is used as a case study to show how biodiversity and tourism values should be given priority over quarrying on land with high natural values.

Click on the image below to access Stanley, J. and Stanley, J. 2021, Strategic Planning for Melbourne’s Green Wedges, MSSI Research Paper, Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, The University of Melbourne.

You can also access a shorter article by the same authors which highlights the need to conserve high value ecosystems within the Green Wedges, and that this quarry site "would be of much more value, both now and in the future, if it was added to the Arthurs Seat State Park as a natural resource for generations of Victorians and visitors."

Click on the Image below to read the full article, published by The University of Melbourne.


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