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MP tells State Government to "scrap" quarry

Ryan Smith MP - State Shadow Minister for Energy and Renewables, Shadow Minister for Resources, Shadow Minister for Manufacturing and Innovation – spoke against the proposed Arthurs Seat quarry in parliament last Thursday 4th February, calling for the State Government to “scrap” the proposal:

“With this area being a focal point of the Mornington Peninsula, attracting thousands of tourists each year to enjoy the natural bushland, views and beauty, it is hard to believe that the Andrews government would even be considering a 107-acre quarry on Arthurs Seat, resulting in bushland and thousands of trees being bulldozed. The proposed quarry would be the largest on the peninsula, being only 800 metres from the boundary of the Red Hill Consolidated School. It would cause chaos on local roads, dust throughout the area and disruptive noise to both the school and local residents.”

Thank you Ryan Smith, for raising awareness. Let’s hope the State Government sees sense.


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