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Arthurs Seat State Park

on Arthurs Seat 


acres of pristine bushland to be destroyed


endangered or threatened species to lose habitat


million tonnes of rock to be gouged from Arthurs Seat


chance to stop this madness

It is unthinkable - the Ross Trust plans a new massive quarry among Arthurs Seat State Park, right in the heart of Victoria's iconic Mornington Peninsula

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The quarry plan

The Ross Trust, which owns an existing quarry in Dromana, is seeking State Government approval for a new quarry on the bay-facing slopes of Arthurs Seat, in the heartland of Victoria's beloved Mornington Peninsula. It is incomprehensible that 94 acres of pristine bushland (equivalent to 21 MCGs) would be blasted, severing the diminishing Arthurs Seat State Park and destroying habitat to an astounding number of rare or threatened species. The site is only 800m from the local primary school. It spans Dromana and Red Hill and is at the doorstep of the Mornington Peninsula Hinterland - townships which are proud of their natural settings, gourmet food and wine and popular beaches. These attractions cannot co-exist with the polluting effects of an industrial sized quarry. That the Ross Trust can reconcile this proposal with its philantrophic mission is beyond belief.

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Donate to the action fund

We need your support. The Ross Trust is well resourced and has lawyers, consultants and spin doctors pushing to get this quarry approved. We are a local community campaign. Please consider donating as an investment toward preserving this much-loved region.

Get a sign or sticker

Quarry Off car stickers are free and available from selected stockists. We sell fence signs for $15 to cover costs. 

About us

The Peninsula Preservation Group is a grassroots community organisation initially formed in 2013 to oppose the Ross Trust's proposal for a rubbish tip. We won that fight, but the Ross Trust is at it again. Our mission is to safeguard this precious part of the Mornington Peninsula for our community, our guests and for future generations.

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